All The Way Home Inspections

All The Way Home Inspections

Our Mission

All The Way Home Inspections is a privately owned company that conducts home inspections in Illinois. Home Inspections are conducted in accordance with the standards of the State of IL and Internachi.

At all the way it is my goal to conduct home inspections to the best of my abilities, to report all deficiencies with integrity, and to help my customers make an informed and educated home buying or selling decision. I strive to offer my services with a high degree of respect and professionalism for all parties involved.

About Us

My interest in construction and the trades started as a young boy. My brother, best friend and I would spend hours outside nailing boards together, building dog houses, and other unidentifiable construction projects. Fast forward about ten years and I was graduating from high school having taken almost every shop class my school had to offer. I found them much more interesting and fun than my typical college prep courses. Four years later I graduated college and went to work for a general contractor for a few months while I was waiting on a course date for one of my other passions, the military. One day on November 2009 I received a call and the next week I was off to begin my service as an Army Officer. In the Army I had the opportunity to do some extraordinary things such as command an operate a tank, contribute to the training of America’s finest men and women before they went to combat, and to visit the country of Afghanistan for nine months. However, one thing lead to my interest in inspecting things. In 2011 I became certified as a jumpmaster. A jumpmaster has the responsibility to inspect paratroopers and their equipment prior to them conducting airborne (parachute) operations. It also includes jumping with them of course. What a rush and what an important job. I was as careful and thorough then as I am now, because I know that missing something during an inspection can have big consequences whether it is a parachute or a home. In late 2014 I left the army and began a civilian career. Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I combined my early interest in construction with my more recent skill set of inspecting, and here we are today. I am now a licensed home inspector in the state of IL, and take great pride in being entrusted to inspect your home. Please call or email me today to set up a home inspection or if you have any questions.