Is That Chicago, IL House Worth Your Investment?

Is That Chicago, IL House Worth Your Investment?

Know for sure with a presale inspection from All The Way Home Inspections

A home can look gorgeous, but a number of issues might be lurking beneath the surface. You need a certified home inspector who can show you what’s really going on with the house you’re thinking about buying. The professionals at All The Way Home Inspections in Chicago, IL offer you the presale inspection you need.

We’ll take detailed pictures throughout the inspection process. When we’re done, you’ll receive a full report within two business days.

Before you close on your home, call us today at 872-228-1518 for a thorough presale inspection.

What can you do with a presale inspection?

We’ll examine your prospective home from top to bottom during the presale inspection. Once you receive your report, you can:

Negotiate a credit with the seller.
Make the seller pay for repairs.
Buy the home as is.
Find another property that meets your standards.

Get in touch with us today to make sure a property you’re looking at is safe for your family.